Thursday, 26 November 2015

Term 4 Week 6

Last Friday we did Fantastic Friday. It was time to show the whole school what we been doing, and I was in Bollywood dancing it was so funny, and everyone loved it. But we didn't go first, I think cool science went first. They started off with cutting big paper. Chloe was starting off she was cutting and cutting and cutting and CUTTING and it made some kind of strange circle. Then my friend Caitlin went next, she made two circles that were curled.  After that they showed us a video of science, there was one where you need to get a plate, I mean a big plate, get a bottle and you put something in the bottle and there was some kind of blue thing that popped out, it was so amazing and cool.Next there was another one.  It was like the same as the other one but it was better.  So you get a bottle, put some water in the bottle and I think you put one of those lollies in it then it popped out like a firework, that was so cool. Then it was vintage games they didn't get to do anything, they only had a video, it was so cool, they did olden day games but it looked so fun. They did knuckle bones. I am very very good at  knuckle bones and I can do the whole set but the hard part is catching fly, that one is so hard I can't go past it.  I have been trying to get past it when I was 7 years old, now I am 9 and I am still trying to pass it. Then they did some skipping too, they are so good at skipping, even the boys. After that it was kapa haka, they were very good. I think Mr Wright was teaching them Maori. I was in the kapa haka when I was in Year 2 and it was fun and cool . Then it was us we were so so funny the teachers were having fun. Next it was the Sewing people, they did a very good job and they did little owls, they are so cute. There was Glee, the last ones, they were dancing, singing something like be mine.  It was so amazing and I loved it. So we all went back to class but we didn't need to get back into uniform and we were talking about next year Fantastic Friday But I think I want to go to vintage games group.

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