Monday, 2 November 2015

Term 4 Week 4

Hi if you are reading this it is about my sleep over and mini golf this is my weekend. So I went to Caitlin's house for our sleep over me and my friend Caitlin stayed up in till 3;00 in the morning I stayed over for two days we were meant to go Halloween but we wanted to go mini golf so we need, to come up with a plan we wanted to go Halloween and mini golf so it was so hard to choose.   SO we went with mini golf so we had a movie night we had some Popcorn,lollies, Chocolate, cake and coke the movie we were watching was the princess and the frog, I watched half of the movie I went for a walk and I was watching a other movie then I saw the kittens I was playing with them for an hour. Then we went to sleep I couldn't ,sleep so I went to sleep but I hear Caitlin talking to the wall.

On Sunday

I wanted to go church but no one didn't want to go. we were going to go but we needed to clean the it was a mess in there we didn't get to go if we clean the room but we clean room so we went,to mini golf we didn't get to do all of it we did 1-18 and I'm like way is my ball then we finshded. 

                                                                         bye FIN ;)

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