Thursday, 23 March 2017

Word Clarification

Walt:actively seek to extend my knowledge of new vocabulary

Learning Reflection:

Doing this I found new word I thought I knew the word but when I looked into the Dictionary it said something else.

Next time I will use a Dictionary and show someone who knows

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Camp MERC Acrostic Poem

Walt: edit and revise my writing for clarity and impact in response to feedback

Learning Reflection

I was able to change some of my sentence because some of them didn't make sentcent 

Next time I will need to read carefully and fix up my mistake.

Scrabble Info Stat

Walt : display data on histogram, tally chart
Walt : interpret information from histograms and tally marks eg. medium, mode, range, mean

  • The range for the first score was 4 to 20.
  • The range for the last name is score it was 2 to 21
  • The range for full name score 9 to 31.
  • The mode for first names scores was 8 and that is the score that appeared the most.
I found this tricky because I didn't understand but I got help from my partner.
Next I would like to do a little better and I could understand more.


House Captain Speech


Thursday, 23 February 2017

My Kennings Poem

 Walt : distinguish between irrelevant and relevant ideas

Learning Reflection:

I was able to put relevant idea's into my kennings poem

Next time I will put in more relevant into my other storys

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

45 Letter Sounds

Walt : use different spelling patterns and strategies to increase my word knowledge.

There are 45 letters sounds in the English language.  Sometimes these sounds are made by one letter and sometimes they are a made by a group of letters together.  Learning these letter sounds will help me spell unknown tricky words and increase my word knowledge.