Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Term 4 Week 5

Hi I am Shaniqua and have you had a amazing weekend. Well same as me I had a sleep over at my friends house named Caitlin,just for one day she haves three cats and three kitten's, oh and on Saturday it was so hot I was going to DIE so Caitlin's,sister Maddie needed to take us to the pools but she, was so lazy to take us so we didn't get to go. No where so this is what we did we sat down with the laptop and siting in the hot hot sun and can I just say we were ,playing games like Movie star plant the game that we all love and we took turns I got half an hour Caitlin gets an half an hour and Caitlin's bother has an hour we all play Movie star plant because, it is so fun and cool it can be for girls and boys but their are more girl in Movie star plant  Next we play a game named bunny ice-cream its where you make a yummy ice-cream and the bunny needs to juguy if it is yummy and pain you sick, so me and Caitlin were trying to make is sick but it keeps on saying was nice I can eat this all day long we got so angry, we chaged the game hahahahahahahahahaha. Then it was night  time was so so so late we all stayed up in tell the morning we stayed up in till 3;35 in the morning but the mum came then faked sleeped and we watched some movies and we had popcorn. Well me and Maddie were the that stayed in till 6;39 hahaha that was so funny well that ends me to my little crazy story 

      BYE ;)


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