Thursday, 9 February 2017

Welcome Post 19

I am looking forward to camp, and I really really want to be a House Captain for this year. I am nervous and excited for this amazing new year!

My goals for this year is...

  • A house captain
  • A P.E monitor
  • A wet day monitor
  • Digikid
  • Head girl
  • Councillor
  • To have a lot of ticks 

I hope that I have a really good year and all my dreams come true!


Shaniqua said...
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Shaniqua said...

I have achieved one of my goals and that is getting 100 ticks I am really proud of myself and I hope I do the some thing again next year.
I am also a wet day motion and I enjoy doing it.
One of my goals were to be a house captain but I never won but at lest I tried.

Shaniqua said...

In Term 3 I want to try and get 100 ticks again.

Shaniqua said...

WOW!! Shaniqua this amazing I am so proud you.